Shure Masterclass

the course covers every aspect of wireless audio to give sound engineers at any experience level a solid background in wireless fundamentals. By thoroughly understanding radio signals, antenna types and distribution, transmitter and receiver design, analog and digital transmission, frequency coordination, and more, you will be able to confidently select, install, and operate wireless systems in virtually any situation from small informal events to large-scale productions.

This is a one-day training course about wireless audio technology rather than product-specific training. The principles and techniques covered apply to any wireless audio system used in a wide variety of situations.

  1. Shure Master Class: Wireless Workbench Masterclass:

Correct and efficient frequency management is an essential skill in today’s busy RF environments. Wireless Workbench can help you stay one step ahead and run your show from city to city with complete peace of mind.

Target Group

  • FOH Engineers
  • Monitor Engineers
  • Live Production Technicians
  • AV Technicians
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May 14 2021


All Day


Showgear Limited Abuja
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