Headhunters Crossovers Jingle Drumstick



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About Headhunters Crossovers Jingle Drumstick

These gems are the Crossovers Poly with an added jingle. Jingles on sticks are not new but we found a drum sticks response is deadened and the jingle sound is overwhelmed by it hosts natural output. With our Crossovers design, we can place the jingle at the solid wood bulb area of the Crossovers Poly design. This places it where the maximum movement will ensure good motion and jingle activation. The softer sounding poly material allows the jingles to be clearly audible. We integrate small nylon balls in the poly material; they are adjustable in position and allow for optimum drum, cymbal and jingle voicing. Because the short poly length also enhances the response performance of the Crossovers design, jingle articulation is superb.


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Headhunters Crossovers Jingle Drumstick
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