Headhunters Cattails Drumsticks



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About Headhunters Cattails Drumsticks

Cattails are similar to Blasters with the addition of 3 strategically placed polyethylene solid balls. There is a small O ring on the rod holding each polyethylene ball, these O rings can be pushed forward restricting the ball position. If the O ring is moved away from the ball, the ball can float more freely, adding to the percussive dynamic of this unique bundled rod. The polypropylene rod material produces a great drum sound but on cymbal the sound created is more wash sound than a focused sound but when using the Cattails, the result is like EQ’ing the cymbals, lifting them from a wash sound to a more focused sound thereby matching the overall dynamic and sound produced on the drums. We included Cattails these under our Hybrid section, because they incorporate many attributes of regular bundled rods with the added benefit of being able to produce a ping or wash sound from cymbals.


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