Headhunters Hip Squares Cajon Drumstick



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About Headhunters Hip Squares Cajon Drumstick

These are louder than Hipsquares. Percussionists looking for a more organic implement to use in their cajon set up will enjoy the Hipsquares Cajon model. These are bamboo mini slats bundled in smaller groups consisting of 5 slats then bundled into, 4 groups of these 5. An additional 12 slats are added around this central core, which are separated by an adjustable O ring. By sliding this O ring up or down the center core, the outer slats can splay outward from the core. This produces a bounce and reduces volume. This larger Hipsquare has more mass and therefore bring out the bottom end. The butt end has a mallet head, this end can be used on the cajon as well. This model is 15 inches long so it can also be used on a drum set, making this a versatile model and not instrument specific.
It’s hip to be square fun too!


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