Music Production Essentials



Training Module;

Module 1

Introduction to Music Production.

The Science of what you hear,

  • What Is Sound?
  • Principle of Sound
  • Wavelength 
  • Decibel
  • Amplitude
  • Frequency.

Introduction to Digital Audio,

  • An Introduction to Digital Audio,
  • Digital Sampling
  • Bit Rate
  • Signal Conversion
  • Compressed Audio


Module 2

Essential Tools for Making Music and Beats,

  • Sounds / Instruments
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Studio Monitors and Headphones
  • MIDI Controllers
  • Studio Microphones

Introduction to Audio Computers,

Introduction to Recording Software (DAW),

  • Introduction to Digital Audio Workstation.
  • How to Set up a DAW for Recording


Module 3

How to set up Interfaces (Hardware),

  • Routing
  • Monitoring
  • Gain Staging

How to set up Interfaces (Software),

Beating Making Process,



Composition and Arrangement,

Basic Mixing Approach.


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About Music Production Essentials

Learn some basic music skills, such as understanding different instruments and what they sound like. Also learn the use of a computer to run the music software (DAW). 


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Music Production Essentials
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