Fender Rumble 100 (V3) 230V Eur Black/Silver


4 in stock



4 in stock

Punchy and powerful, yet extremely lightwieght and portable
Colour: Black/Silver
100 Watts of rich and balanced tone
Fender standard high build-quality

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About Fender Rumble 100 (V3) 230V Eur Black/Silver

Are you in need of a bass amp that is portable enough for your on-the-go needs, yet will provide you with the power and presence of a much bigger amp? If so, your search could well end here with the Rumble 100 V3 Bass Amp from Fender. This 100 WATT bass combo likes to let you know who’s boss and although not as big and boisterous as larger versions in the series, this bass combo is definitely ready to stand up to any challenge you can throw at it! Providing you, the player, with greater volume and deeper bass response the Rumble 100 V3 Bass Amp packs a serious punch!


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