Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server -C

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Process up to hundreds of plugins in super-low latency;
Includes all the main components needed for a SoundGrid network;
DiGiGrid MGB coaxial audio interface, compatible with any MADI-enabled console and most DAWs;
Powerful SoundGrid Extreme Server;
Complete redundancy & recovery capabilities;
Includes five must-have plugins for live mixing: Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Compressor, Renaissance EQ, IR-Live Reverb, and H-Delay


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About Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server -C

The powerful solution for processing, recording and virtual sound checking with any coaxial MADI-enabled live mixing console. Includes a SoundGrid Extreme server, a DiGiGrid MGB coaxial MADI-to-SoundGrid interface, a network switch, Cat 6 network cables, the MultiRack SoundGrid plugin host for running plugins on your console, and 5 essential audio plugins for live mixing.


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Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server -C
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