Headhunters Sporrans Drumstick



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About Headhunters Sporrans Drumstick

Are a combination of natural meets durable synthetics, warm tom tones and cymbal wash and clear definitions or popping snares drums.

To get these delightful sounds we take 2 bundles of sorghum, (AKA corn broom material) then we nestle a poly bundle above and between the two. One strand of the poly is fitted with a inch nylon ball. After securing this in together we stiffen the grip area and add a comfortable yellow handle.

Playing the soft corn side produces tons of cymbal wash and beautiful full tom sounds. Reversing to the poly side allows more attack, the nylon bead gives more definition during cymbal work. Laying into a snare and muffling head with the corn as the bead contacts the head create a unique pop sound as the drum ring is fully muted and bead pulls the pop sound from the drum.

Sporrans are another favourite from the Monster Hybrid collection of Headhunters? Creations. Sporrans are getting daily use from greats like Shawn Pelton, Blair Sintra and Butch Norton.


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