Zildjian ZHT 390 Cymbal Pack

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Out of stock

  • Includes:
  • A pair of 14″ ZHT Mastersound Hi-Hats
  • A 17″ ZHT Fast Crash
  • A 20″ ZHT Medium Ride
  • A 16″ ZHT China

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About Zildjian ZHT 390 Cymbal Pack


This ZHT Cymbal Pack from Zildjian is a pre-matched box set includes a 20″ ZHT Medium Ride with clean stick definition and defined bell, a 17″ Fast Crash for a full-bodied crash sound and an even decay, the all-purpose 20″ Medium Ride and a pair of 14″ Mastesound Hi-Hats for versatility. This set features Zildjian’s newest sheet bronze alloy, comprised of 88% copper and 12% tin for greater tone and musicality.

Also includes a 16″ ZHT China for added value and raspy, trashy attack.


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Zildjian ZHT 390 Cymbal Pack
Out Of Stock