FBT MODUS 4805LA Powered Speaker System

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Out of stock

  • 5° vertical dispersion
  • 2 way powered bi-amplified true line array, bass-reflex design
  • 4 x 200 mm (8″) custom neodymium woofers with 50mm voice coil (2″)
  • 4 x 25 mm (1″) neodymium compression drivers and 44mm voice coil (1.7″)
  • 58Hz – 20Khz frequency response
  • Class D 600 Wrms amplifier for LF
  • Class D 300 Wrms amplifier for HF
  • High efficiency switching power supply
  • DSP on board with 8 EQ presets, +/- 5db HF level
  • Control for accurate amplitude shading control panel with XLR input and link, volume, presets, HF level, HP filter, ground-lift
  • 90° horizontal waveguide with near-flat wavefront up to 18Khz
  • 18 mm (3/4″) birch plywood enclosure, with handles and mechanical hardware for suspension
  • Mechanical hardware for suspension with 10:1 safety factor

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About FBT MODUS 4805LA Powered Speaker System

MODUS is a constant curvature line array system comprising two modules, the MODUS 4805LA (5°V) and the MODUS 4820LA (20°V) each one equipped with 4 x 8″ neodymium magnet woofers and 4 x 1″ (1.7″VC) neodymium magnet HF compression drivers. The system is designed to achieve a very uniform distribution of SPL in the listening area in both large and small venues thanks to its total modularity. The constant curvature overcomes the limitations of line arrays with variable angles which inevitably create unmatched SPL between neighboring enclosures at high frequencies.

The grouping of two ‘classic’ array modules in one gives an amazing economic advantage and simplifies the setup of the system.
Two subwoofers are available for low-frequency extension, both with mechanical suspension hardware to deliver seamless integration.
The MODUS 215FSA is a dual 15” subwoofer with a band-pass design and push-pull configuration, delivering significantly extended low-frequency response despite its compact size. It is acoustically designed to support two or three MODUS 4805 or 4820 modules.
The MODUS 118FSA is a single 18” subwoofer with a bass-reflex design and compact dimensions that make it ideal for suspension. Designed to support one or two MODUS 4805LA or 4820LA modules and aesthetically similar to a 4805 module, the sub is capable of very high SPL in relation to its size. It can either be suspended above the line array modules or ground stacked. Additionally, the 118FSA can be used in conjunction with the 215FSA to further extend and reinforce low-end performance.


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