Shure BETA 98A/C Instrument Microphone

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What is the Beta 98A/C best suited to?
It?s a premium instrument microphone that is ideal for use with a variety of instruments such as drums, conga, piano, reed, wind and string in both stage and studio applications ? in short, most acoustic or amplified instruments.

What are the characteristics of the Beta 98A/C?
The Beta 98A/C provides warm, natural sound reproduction, with a smooth high-end response.

What is the difference between the Beta 98A/C and the other versions of the Beta 98?
The Beta 98A/C is a cardioid condenser instrument microphone and comes with a swivel adapter. The Beta 98AD/C is exactly the same but also ships with the A98D drum mount which features a flexible gooseneck. Also available are super cardioid versions (Beta 98S & Beta 98D/S), and the Beta 98AMP/C which contains an integrated preamplifier.

Please note ? any Beta drum microphone featuring the letter ?A? following the model number contains a new capsule and as a result, you can expect a more natural high-frequency response.

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About Shure BETA 98A/C Instrument Microphone

Instrument microphone consists of a swivel adapter to provide warm, natural sound with a smooth high-end response due to its cardioid polar pattern.


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