Nord Wood Keyboard Stand V2 – Keyboard Stand for Select Nord Pianos


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Only 2 left in stock

Get your keyboard up on a stand that is reliable and looks great on stage with the Nord 88StdWD2 Wood Keyboard Stand v2. This stylish stand is made from quality wood and metal for great stability and durability. It is fixed at standard grand-piano height for use with a traditional bench or stool and accommodates all Nord Stage and 88-key keyboards (full list below). The Nord 88StdWD2 also supports the Nord Triple Pedal, for a familiar response in an upright design. Keyboardists here at GearNuts love this stand for its stylish design and reliability.

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Nord Keyboards

The Nord Lead is a series of virtual analog subtractive synthesizers, manufactured by Clavia. Released in 1994, the original Nord Lead was the digital synthesizer that made the term virtual analog synthesis popular. The now widely accepted term "virtual analog", was first coined by Clavia with the release of the Nord Lead. This synthesizer was distinctive for its red coloration, knob-laden surface and unique pitch-stick and modulation wheel. After the Nord Lead, several updates followed suit; such as the Nord Lead 2, Nord Lead 3, and Nord Lead 2x.
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